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Now there is nothing to stop you tracking anything.
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Absolute Tracking worldwide.

Did you know our cloud server is one of the fastest Real time GPS tracking server online.

We designed the server platform with these three ingredients in mind so you can get the best performance.
With over 20 years’ experience we have seen the technology move along swiftly & we remain the leader in this field with the others continually chasing our business model and systems. It’s very important when looking at GPS tracking hardware that you see the item as part of the total solution not just the tracker?

Don’t be blinded by shiny web sites quoting the best lowest prices for a piece of hardware.
Once you hand over your money you will possibly be left with a low performing back end server this will seriously hinder the performance of your tracking system, you may also find the costs ramping up continually as you use your system, lots of providers hide charges so they can sell you the hardware at a very low initial cost to begin with then recover the loses gradually as they charge you for usage of the server and systems etc.
At absolute Tracking we provide a tracking solution with proper support – you might be shocked to see just how much a proper GPS tracking solution from Absolute Tracking will actually cost you to run in the UK or worldwide.

Our costs & charges are transparent and you will not get ambushed by hidden expenses & costs whilst you are using your system on our server platform. We are not the cheapest online but we are defiantly not expensive and you get a proper tracking solution with support when you purchase from us.
Absolute Tracking offers a wide range of GPS tracking products and solutions.
We have state of the art vehicle tracking systems & specialise in wireless covert & over tracking products.

At Absolute Tracking Ltd we believe in keeping free services available to all & will never charge you for any type of GPS coverage or access to our servers, at the moment the GPS "Global positioning" system is free & should be there for everyone to enjoy without access fees & governance.
We have a vision for all our users; we would like to keep things nice & easy for our clients.

  • Worldwide GSM knowledge & Service
  • Best hardware Performance
  • Product Reliability & build quality
  • Easy uncomplicated functionality for all users
  • Totally stable server platform
  • Future proof performance & design regardless of internet movement.

There has never been such advanced tracking solution on the world market that requires the customer to have no air time contract or complex software in place, our systems will suit the best users.
We have a variety of accessories for all our tracking systems & supply hardware & accessories for all the products we provide. As a leader in GPS tracking solutions we support business with a knowledge base that enables Absolute Tracking to provide worldwide tracking services that work unlike some other providers.Our current client base consists of high profile PLC companies & corporate's as well as individual people who require private tracking systems for just one or two vehicles.
We service the Private investigations industry & security professionals in many different areas.
(We can provide tracking equipment & solutions for everyone)
We continue to be a leader & provide GPS tracking solutions in the UK, EU & international locations.

Absolute Tracking Ltd ®