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Absolute Tracking the GPS solution provider specialising in GPS tracking products for vehicles, people and assets.
We have been working in the GPS tracking industry servicing private detectives, organisations and private users for over 16 years and continue to deliver a tailored service to all our users, whether recreational GPS tracking, private GPS tracking to catch cheating partners or more serious applications, we have a solution for you. As tech's we started a general side line business along side a private detective organisation in 2002, we have grown to host a large client base that's continued to grow as the technology expands and we move with it, server uptime this year was 97.4%. Considering our super server can host up to 10,000 simultanious users we run at 10% of capacity insuring speedy data delivery and reliability.

Absolute tracking Ltd also provide consultations exploring all the aspects of GPS tracking & asset management worldwide. Our products & solutions can be tailored to fit our specific customer requirements and our prices are amongst the most competitive you will find online. We are able to deliver volume orders and currently service many different industries across the globe. We provide single tracking units to customers who might want just one unit or you can hire it’s up to you.

Is your current provider making the grade? a GPS Tracker is only as good as the service behine it, Are you paying too much for basic tracking services? Before you buy into or re new any tracking contract get in touch, you might be surprised just how easy it is to save money & get a better GPS product from www.Absolute-Tracking.com
Did you know we created and designed this tracking system ourselves; we deliberately designed the system for easy operation.
We automated all the technical stuff so you don't have to deal with anything technical, you just open the website, log in as if you were on
Facebook and look at your tracking unit.

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The last thing on your mind when you’re running is what if?
The GPS Tracker 3G is very light and water resistant ideal
with a dedicated panic button just in case you fall or need help, instantly let others know where you are with a press of a button.

It’s great when other can see you race and monitor you in real time, check the stats after to see exactly how well you performed. Also if your alone and have an accident you may wish you had your tracker alongside you with its dedicated SOS button programed to the user of your choice.

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Your pride and joy is always something you can look forward too.  
like many of us who have to work we can’t always be in two
places at once, get the peace of mind and know your pride
and joy is where it should be.

Some things just cant be replaced, track it for a few pence a day and get an instant alert to your smart phone as soon as the car moves regardless.


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