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General support: Trouble shooting Questions & Answeres.

This is a general guide with some information & some simple fixes.
should your tracking system stop reporting for any reason If you tracking system has stopped reporting there are a few things you can do, below are some typical fixes for you to try.

Is your tracking system fully powered up, LED’s should be flashing
Make sure your tracker has power, simply plug your tracking system into its charger and leave for a few hours, make sure any LED’s on the tracker come on when you plug the trackers charger into the charging port of your tracking device.
If you look in your tracking account and your battery says its low of full you must be aware that the tracking data must be coming into the server account with information to update the power bar settings, make sure your sim is sending data by putting it into a mobile phone and connecting to the internet or calling the provider and asking them if the sim card has internet capability.

Your tracking units sim card.
Absolute Tracking products come with a sim card usually already inside the tracking unit and loaded with credit just like a pay as you go mobile phone. There are a few instances that affect the running of your tracking system as we truly provide you with a “PAY AS YOU GO” tracking solution with no hidden charges unlike some other providers; with Absolute Tracking what you see on the web site is what you pay for.

Is your tracking units sim card Dormant
Does your tracker have a sim card inside it, most of our trackers come with a sim card already inserted and connected, you must have a sim card inside your tracker for you tracker to work.
If you have changed a sim card you will experience partial operation outages as your sim card is unique to your tracker account and should not be swapped without notifying us first.

Topping up your sim card.
Topping up can be done online by clicking the relevant provider EG GiffGaff, Lebara, THREE or you can top up at most ATM machines and cash points by putting your debit card into the slot logging in and selecting “mobile phone top up” from the cash machines menu. (UK mainland) (Does not apply to THREE service provider users)
Top up your tracking system with £5 to eliminate data and credit issues, may be this is the reason your tracking system stopped reporting. Most providers allow 2 or 3 months of in activity before they set your sim card to a dormant state, this means you may need a new sim card and tracking account to continue using the service.
To check if your sim card is dormant please take it out and put it into a phone and call up the provider, they will quickly tell you if the sim is dormant, alternatively if you can’t call out on the sim card from a mobile then the sim card may have been suspended due to inactivity, in this case you need to contact us and arrange a new sim.
You may aslo go online and check through the relevant providers web site, both these instances fall under the control of the provider and not absolute tracking as we use third party providers for data EG THREE, EE, Vodafone etc  (Does not apply to THREE service provider users)

Reporting issues, trackers physical location
Is your tracking system fitted to a vehicle or in a luggage container etc – GPS is needed for tracking systems to report their position accurately and correctly, if you have put your tracking system in a car and it is under a spare wheel in the boot of the car there is a good chance that the tracker will stop working due to no GPS or week GPS signal, move the location to a better position in or on the vehicle, and try again.  If in a suit case or other luggage please be sure to not have metal fully surrounding the case or bag as this may hinder connectivity. (Metal cases and boxes can stop GPS and GSM)
If your tracking system has no cellular connectivity then the tracking system cannot report its location to the server, if the unit has GPS it will log its positions and upload them as soon as it re gains the cell network, this may show some slight discrepancies in tracking data, to avoid this scenario make sure your tracking unit is in a good location giving it a chance to see the mobile phone network, in most cases cell connectivity is good, there are only a few situations that affect cell network connectivity, if the tracking is in an aeroplane container or in a shipping container it will probably loose connectivity, if the tracking system is in a remote location like a jungle or desert it may lose cell connectivity. Please bear in mind the tracking system is still logging GPS coordinates and will upload all as soon as the cell network is available again.

Logging into your account online
To log in to your trackers server account you should have your username or number and your password or pass number, these are unique to you and will never be the same as any other tracking system you may own or any other tracking system owned by another user. If you lose your log in credentials you will have to show proof that you are the user and owner of the tracking system in line with data protection! Please do not lose your tracking units log in details?
If you cannot log in with your credentials then you may have fees outstanding, to resolve any issues here simply contact us.

Charges & Fees
Like all providers we have some charges and fees for using our systems, sins 2003 we have been determined to keep costs down and keep services free for all our users, as a result we do not charge for many things such as, Tracking locations or positions coming into our server this is free.

Tracking system control credits
We issue 25 credits with all new systems and accounts, you use a credit when you click through from your web account and send a command to your system, this ultimately results in a SMS message flying out of one of our international GSM gatways, this costs us for the text message.
as a result we have to charge you for these credits so please cancel any Geo fences, and look at the top right hand side of your account to see the last command sent out from you as there is no need to resend the same data over and over using unnecessary credits. Most of our tracking systems work in a streamline automated pattern EG.
If your GPS-KNOX is sending a track to your account every5 minuet then the tracking system will do this for ever or until you tell it otherwise by clicking tracker control and sending an update, resulting in the use of one credit, as you can see there is no need to use loads of credits as one command sets the tracking unit into an automated mode so the tracker will update every time it moves automatically and will sleep every time is stops automatically saving all the data in your server account for review at any time.

Server fees
We charge for using our system monthly to eliminate any yearly costs or half yearly costs.
Basically we charge you £10 for server access and usage, this equates to £120 per year or £60 per 6 month period. Paying £10 per month eliminates the any set fees and make tracking easier for you to manage and afford, although you can pay for 6 months up front through the web site we recommend you pay £10 monthly as this can be stopped should your tracker become lost or broken, or may be your done using it and you simply want to put it away in a draw until next time you need to use it again. We recommend Paypal as the perfect choice for managing tracking fees and payments as everything is automated.

Paying monthly fees with Paypal
Paypal is an excellent way to stay connected & automated with small payments required for using our super-fast tracking system again with Pay as you go. Go to Paypal and open an account its free.
Once your account is open send us your associated email and we will send you a subscription request from paypal, simply click and follow through to your paypal account, that’s it simple.
If you would prefer to connect to an existing account please click the link on the web site and you will be diverted to your paypal subscription area, requires Paypal account beforehand.

Contacting us
Once you have looked at the general points above and if you are still experiencing any issues with your tracking system please drop us an email through the contact page of the web site, one of our technicians will fault find any problems and get you up and running ASAP